How Small Businesses Benefit From Self Storage Units

Small businesses have to fight against the tide to succeed. From the beginning, the odds are never in your favour as you try to get by with a small budget, little time, and hardly any human resources. To carve out a lane in the industry, it’s essential to get creative and find ways to level the playing field. Otherwise, you’ll end up like 80% of all startups that fail.

One of the ingenious methods of survival is hiring a storage unit. Although it sounds far fetched, it can be the difference between success and failure for SMEs. Here are the benefits of self-storage and why you might want to consider leasing a unit.

Yearly Flexibility

Lots of small and medium-sized companies are seasonal and need to maximise custom at specific points of the year. The problem with a standard lease for a shop or office is that it’s long-term. As a result, SMEs have to open up outside of the peak season to pay the rent and scrape by even if it costs them money. Companies benefit from self-storage units as they are short-term leases with little commitment. When you need to scale back to save money and resources, you can without any effort. All you need to do is give a month’s notice.


The company needs as many resources as possible to move out of the red and stay in the black. Storage facilities help because they cut back on everything from costs to time and energy if used properly. You already know how it can save the business cash, so let’s focus on time and energy. By storing inventory for separate clients in one place, there’s no need to sort through piles of stock and waste time going from one site to the next. Then, you can reinvest your resources back into the company in areas where they matter.


Starting a business is easier than ever, but you can’t launch certain startups unless you have the resources. An internet-based company that wholesales and ships internationally, for example, is still out of bounds unless you have the space to store your goods. Units allow anyone to begin trading even if they don’t have traditional assets. What’s more, they come with excellent transport links. If you’re in London, the Henfield Storage Crawley site is only 3 miles from Gatwick airport, one of the biggest in the world. Accessibility isn’t an issue for small businesses now due to storage facilities.


As businesses wise-up to the usefulness of storage units, the demand continues to grow. As a result, suppliers have to find new ways to compete with each other to maintain their market share. For the customers, this means standard services include bonus features that make hiring a unit a no-brainer. Whether it’s a free collection and return of goods or a price match, businesses that use facilities for corporate gain are the winners.

How can they not be when they get a price reduction and first-class customer service?


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