How To Select Neon Signs That Fit Marketing Needs Perfectly

Neon sign is tried and tested branding merchandise. Who does not know about McDonald’s sign that has an unmatched universal appeal? It is for the attractiveness and the longevity that businesses switch to neon signs from the regular wooden or fabric sign boards. Find out what to look for in the neon sign so that it contributes to easing the marketing efforts.

  1. Style: Should it be the brand name, a logo or a full statement? Experts say the classic never fails. So, choose neon sign that is an alphabet or the logo. This speaks volumes without eating any space. Some may go with the trend and use tagline as the neon sign. You may go for it but at the risk of losing readability and crossing the budget. Classics like brand name or logo work within the budget and get customer’s attention too, thus, fulfill the two main aims of marketing quite suitably.
  2. Height and place: Visibility of business is the most important marketing aim. If for online ventures, SEO activities do this job, the offline world can be conquered with a high quality neon sign placed at correct height. A sign not too small or too big, but proportionate to the premise size looks pleasing to eyes. Choose the correct height for installation so that it is visible far from distance and gives a reasonable idea about the location of the address. This solves the issue of accessibility of business too, but without going overboard when the correct height is chosen.
  3. Color: Neon signs are available in different colors. Though the original color of Neon gas is red, but when it is mixed with other elements, a variety of colors such as blue, orange, pink, green, etc. can be created. Make use of color psychology to find which color or the combination of colors voices the brand’s personality the best way. So, choose the colors accordingly. You can ask the maker to prepare a model or show you the picture of neon signs in different colors to get a clear idea about the final output. Colors play a very important role in connecting with the audience. A brand that is reliable or sincerely devoted to welfare such as hospitals or charities can choose blue and white combination to get the feel. Similarly, the pubs and clubs can go for red or other fiery colors to express the vibrancy of the place. Do a little bit of research to find how colors can convey the brand personality aesthetically.
  4. Artwork or simple name: Decide about what you want to make as a neon sign for your business. Neon signs can be artworks with detailed design or these can be simple alphabets or wired names. The budget varies as per the design chosen, remember that! So, get the best design that suits your recognition needs as well as represents the brand personality conspicuously. 

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