How To Use Images On The Internet Legally – Basic Guide

When you see an attractive image on Google that would fit your blog like a ring, how many times have you wondered if you can use it or not?

Having a website, especially if you carry out your activity from the European Union, entails a series of legal obligations and you must carry out. So much so, that they have even developed a series of tools to adapt your website to this legality.

Within the various legal facets of a website, the legality of the use of images on the Internet is one of the most doubts generated and, indeed, gives a lot of itself. Knowing some fundamental pillars and putting them into practice will leave you feeling calmer.

If you take care to inform yourself about what is right, instead of worrying, you will not have to keep thinking to what extent you have done it right or wrong. So you will erase, once and for all, that “Jiminy Cricket” that whispers in your ear: do I have everything right in my blog?, will anyone claim me for using their image without an authorization?, will I be using safe images?

Benefits of Using Image Shouldn’t Get You Into Trouble

In as much as it is essential to use an illustration picture (gambarilustrasi which is the term in Indonesia) in your website or blog posts doesn’t mean you can go to search engines and download any image that you see or like. It’s best to use royalty-free images from websites like or even use Canva to create a picture of your choice. Downloading and using image results from search engines will not only attract penalty from google but also copyright infringement which might be a lawsuit costing millions of dollars.

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