What are the Levels of Hierarchy Used in Competitive Retail Packaging?

Once you have managed to gains the attention of your target market, know that your logo, brand name as well as product name must always be distinguishable even from 4 feet away, even if you are using cartons pliables Netpak. As the consumers’ eyes tend to look in various directions when seeking products, they will slowly learn what each product does and the brand personality that makes it. Here, you need to establish a clear hierarchy to render this process quicker and intuitive for the consumer, this article will help you do just that.

  1. Levels of hierarchy

It is vital to create a brand architecture that ascertains the levels of information on your package and what elements are needed to be prioritized. You may need to determine on to align your target customer to the brand. Can it be done by a scent, flavor or ingredient? Or by a problem of a solution? On the basis of the complicated nature of your line, you may need to convey the efficacy levels within a good, then better, then the best system. As a rule of thumb, effective packaging conveys clearly what a product does and it also helps in suggesting that you have products that fulfill other needs as well.

  1. Consistent placement so that consumers can find your brand easily

Important considerations must be taken when it comes to the placement of the hierarchical elements of your products. The product name, logo and description must always align in such a way that it reflects your priorities and being attractive at the same time. Aesthetics are always of essential nature. But, know that consistent placement of these elements lets the consumers determine quality distinctions when having a quick scan of your products. If your products have similar sizes, there must always be a consistent alignment for the logo, product name, and descriptions. If the products have different sizes and shapes, then this method is a waste. In such cases, the placement of elements must always be considered in consistent ratios from package to package. As the line evolves and new products are being added, ensure to pay heed to the established hierarchy by all means. It may get a little too compelling to use the new discoveries to change the packaging with each new product addition, this may cause more inconsistency and brand dilution. Rather, you can redesign the packages when you have made several necessary changes.

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