What are the Top 3 Advantages of Twisted O Rings?

Twisted O Rings, which are known by many varied names such as easy hook round belts, zero downtime bands, quick-fix belts, connectable belts and Connect Twisted belts, are aimed at replacing endless urethane round belts that have got worn out or are damaged. These belts can be availed in cotton as well as polyurethane materials and serve as wonderful substitutes for the endless/pre-welded poly O-rings. The quick-fix belt tips are loops that can be connected with tiny plastic or stainless-steel hooks that arrive with belts.

Why Should You Use Twisted O’ Rings?

  1. Easy to install – Each of these rings have a loop and a hook on each end, which ensures fast and painless installation. These belts can be installed fast and easily in the field with no dismantling of dive shafts. While poly twisted O rings have a lifespan of about 3 months, cotton twisted O-rings can serve you for about 10-14 months.
  2. Adjustable – These types of belts happen to be adjustable in form. Before you hook the belt together, you can twist an end to lengthen or shorten Twisted Belts. A full revolution shortens the belt by around 2.5 mm. Thus, if you twist the belt and tighten it 4 times before the end of hooking, you can make the belt shorter by 10mm and get more tension.
  3. Reduces downtime – These types of rings have been created to be used on live roller conveyors as replacement belts. You can apply these without dismantling any drive component, which can let operators reduce downtime in system operations. Although these tend to last less than endless or pre-welded O-rings, the benefits are much more for your business than the downsides. For instance, the cost of more frequent purchase of the bands is counterbalanced by the reduction in labor expenses and downtime.

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