What are the Types of Conveyor Belts?

Conveyor belts separate themselves from each other by three main characteristics:

  • Building and Construction

Conveyors are made with either PVC or rubber, depending upon the end application of the conveyor belt. Generally, conveyor belts are made by rubber belts, as rubber is adaptable within a wide temperature variety during prolonged use, has high tear stamina in addition to a high friction coefficient.

On the other hand, PVC is used when safety and security have a deep concern, as a result of PVC’s inherent flame resistance.

  • Reinforcement

How is the rubber/ PVC layer reinforced? There are various products to do so; please check below.

  • Service

Indicating where the conveyor belt discovers its end usage. Possibilities include mining, bulk products dealing with the food industry, or low-temperature level solution.

Requirements for Conveyor Belts

As a whole, a conveyor belt needs to fulfill the adhering to fundamental demands:

  • High Stamina

A conveyor belt must have the correct stamina to endure the optimum procedure stress in the belt throughout its service life. Expanding this thought, this indicates that the optimum workload has to do with 10-15% of the damaging load of the conveyor belt.

  • Trough

  • Low Growth

A reduced growth indicates high dimensional security in a longitudinal direction, which is vital for operating a conveyor belt without frequent hold-ups for readjusting the right allegation.

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Low Bending Resistance/ No Fastening

  • Great Attachment in Between Elements

Implying the reinforcement material as well as the matrix product work completely with each other.

Where Does Thread Do With Conveyor Belts?

Yarns of various products are made use of to enhance the conveyor belts. Most often, the threads have been produced right into fabrics to do so. This support can be performed with materials as:

  • Flat cotton belting
  • Viscose CV belting
  • Polyamide belting
  • Polyester belting
  • Para-Aramid belting
  • Stainless Steel belting
  • Glass belting

These yarns are made use of as support in textile kind, implying they have been converted into textiles. Popular sorts of fabrics for conveyor belt support are plain fabrics, cable textiles, straight warp textiles or solid woven materials.

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