Why Consult a Lawyer for a Child’s Settlement Funds


When a child becomes a victim of an accident that will cause her to be severely injured, the court might oblige the person who causes the accident to award the child with a settlement money. By settlement money, it could mean that it is for long-term used in which there is a designated person, most of the time the parents if they are still around, to handle the funds. 

The settlement money is solely for the benefit of the child and yes, there might be a situation where the parent can take part of it, but only because they have spent their own money for the medical bills of the child. There are a number of laws that must be complied and if they are ignored or not observed, you can be assured that penalties will be incurred. 

Thus, if you happen to be the parents of a child that is awarded with settlement money, it is best to hire a lawyer to help you manage the funds. Finding a lawyer is actually not a problem as you can easily find many law firms online and in your area for sure. However, your goal is to find a team that can be your ally, and this is what El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can do. 

Yes, the El Dabe lawyers are your best shot as they are known to be aggressive in getting the best result in their every case, and they are known to be kind as well in dealing with their clients. You don’t have to be wary if you deal with them for the first time as they offer free consultation. That means that if you don’t see eye to eye in your first encounter, you have the option to choose another law firm. 


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